15 of the Very Best Classic House Anthems.

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Let’s all go back, wayyyy back. Back to a time when you lined up late at night to get into a dark, dingy warehouse. Back to a time when the dancefloor is crowded with smoke, people and sweat, and the dust and dirt are…

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The Primer: 10 Nujabes Songs Everyone Should Know


Nujabes 10 best songs

The legend of Nujabes, Japan’s brilliant hip-hop producer, started with promise and ended in tragedy. He became heralded among a niche, passionate following of hip-hop heads, anime lovers and a cross-section between the groups. Nujabes unfortunately died in an auto accident on February 26, 2010. He’s survived by his discography’s bountiful array of colors, tranquility, beauty and emotion. Plus his fusion of samples with live instrumentation cemented his distinct style and loyal following.

Nujabes’ fan base upholds its fervor for his work although his status remains as an underground diamond in the rough. This is where The Primer series kicks in to set those new to Nujabes on a straight path. Get your best pair of speakers or headphones out to catch some of the enigmatic artist’s noteworthy vibes. Rest in beats, Jun Seba.

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1. “Battlecry” Ft. Shing02


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