Jojo Binay, Lito David and #JoLito2016: A Love Story


It is probably the most cliche storylines of all time: two people who dislike each other end up falling in love. Such is the tale of Lito David and Vice President Jojo Binay.

We all know that Jejomar Binay sees Senator Grace Poe as a threat to his political ambitions. But surprise, surprise, neither Jojo nor Mar filed a disqualification case. It was a perennial talunan Lito David who came out and filed two complaints against Sen. Grace Poe.

Lito David and Jojo Binay have an interesting history.

In 2013, Lito David said that The Vice President is immoral for “perpetuating a dynasty”.

Lito David 1

Here are Lito David’s comments after the “Dasmagate” incident:

Lito David 2

Quick question for Lito David: The Binay family has been sitting in Makati since after the EDSA revolution. His wife was once mayor. His daughters are BOTH in the legislative branch. His son inherited his mayoralty post. You were…

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